1. Why does this man get up so early in the morning?
  2. What happens when they pull up the net the first time?
  3. What happens the second time?
  4. How does this present an ethical problem?
  5. What doe it mean ” For many people responsibility is as important as money”?
  6. Does the man have other responsibilities to his crew and to his family?
  7. What is he thinking now?
  8. How did he come to such a decision?
  9. How would you define the word “responsibility”?

Wedding Present / Culture 26

  1. What is happening in this commercial?
  2. What country/culture do you think this is in?
  3. Are all the guest having fun?
  4. What do the guests do as they leave?
  5. What kind of communication is this?
  6. What seems to be the confusion with some of the guests?
  7. Do you receive gifts from the bride and groom in your culture?
  8. Can you explain the meaning of gift giving in your culture?

Anything for Love?

  1. Describe briefly what the young man does for the young lady in Scene 1.
  2. Scene 2.
  3. Scene 3.
  4. What happens when they get to MacDonald’s?
  5. What does she do that irritates her boyfriend?
  6. Why doesn’t he want to share his food?
  7. What does the young man’s face seem to express at the end of the commercial?
  8. What do you think happens five hours later when the young man realizes that he may have lost his girlfriend over a few french fries?
  9. How does the lyrics of the  music match the action of the commercial?
  10. Please write your original title for this commercial (1-7 words only).
  11. For Extra Credit watch this live version of the original music (rock opera) by Meat Loaf (see below). Please write down three or four lines of the lyrics that support the main theme.

#004 Arranged Marriage

Background: Two families have arranged a marriage between Roger and Shanti, but the couple have never met. In this first meeting Shanti has a secret tool to give her the edge.

  1. At the start of the commercial, what is Roger doing.
  2. Describe Roger’s physical appearance.
  3. What kind of clothes is he wearing?
  4. What does Shanti think of Roger when she first sees him?
  5. When Shanti uses the remote control to change Roger, what are some of the physical changes that happen?
  6. Give each new man a two or three word description–like BIKER MAN.
  7. What does Shanti like about each?
  8. What does she dislike about each?
  9. What does Shanti’s mother pick up at the end of the commercial?
  10. How does her father react?
  11. What kind of company is the commercial for?
  12. What does the slogan “Get Use to Choice” mean?

Culture: Not too long ago, arranged marriages were common in Japan. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages?