T5: Work Experience Abroad

  • This website is for the students enrolled in Professor McCasland’s University Classes and Fukusima University. 
  • Please choose YOUR class from the list in strip above, by clicking the link. This will take you to the most recent post.
  • Our aim is to make English, (specifically business English) enjoyable, interesting and accessible. This website provides commercials as  points of access along with original activities that lead us into discussion, reflection and analysis of language, marketing, metaphor and life. 
  • Here, I upload the weekly homework assignments, activities and short reports for all of classes.
  • Students should watch the videos, take careful notes, write down the dictation of all that is said in English and finally,  leave a short message to let all of us know what you’re thinking.
  • Please read the posts that other students have written and respond to them as well. In this way, we can naturally contribute to our learning community.
  • Contribute, collaborate, compete and enjoy this new academic year–2018!

Welcome to our class.

Mr. Mac

Professor Philip McCasland

Faculty of Economics & Business Administation

March 2018

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