Truffles: Metaphor-27

  1. What are truffles?
  2. How much do truffles cost?
  3. What innovations are made in this story?
  4. Why were they made?
  5. What are the benefits of change?


In Italy, for centuries pigs have been used to unearth valuable truffles. But the pigs often ate the truffles. So now local experts use trianed dogs. At HSBC, we use local experts to unearth valuable investment opportunites from around the world. Hsbce World Selection investment portfolios.

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  1. This commercial title is “Truffles”
    My title is “Importance of Metaphor”

    Nowadays, we see a lot of commercials on television, Internet, and so on. Then, I realize that there are some metaphors. For example, “unearth” in the HSBC commercial “Truffles”. The original meaning of this word is “digging up”, but it is used in the sense of “find” or “discover” in this commercial. In this way, commercial producers use metaphors in order to compare in an easy-to-understand.
    I think that it is possible to positively affect a company by using some metaphors in its commercial. I would like to introduce a corporate strategy to use some metaphors. First, viewers of the commercial can understand its content easily and they focus on it. This is the way how they are attracted it. Second, the company can achieve a differentiation from other companies and give customers a good impression. Finally, the number of customers who were affected in the commercial increases.
    In conclusion, a commercial is very important for increasing the operating results. At finance companies, effect of commercial is reflected in the profit directly in particular because people don’t hear about it by word of mouth. So finance companies gain the sympathy and customers by using metaphors.

    • “Leen”

      Thank you for good report. After i read your report, i can understand how the commercial makes it important to view points.

    • “Hiro”

      I agreed with your idea. Your idea “It is possible to positively affect a company by using some metaphors in its commercial” is good point. I think the following. There are many metaphors in every commercial, too. We may feel some messages from it. And while we don’t notice, we may contribute for many companies.
      This is how I had new idea from your view point and understood the importance of metaphors.

  2. “Leen” Report

    The beginnning of this video shows one old man and his dog. He is looking at huge pig which is digging in the mud. However, the old man doesn`t look happy. Perhaps, he is worring that huge pig going to find truffle and eat it. The old man and his dog move deep into the mountain forest and try to find truffles. Suddenly the dog runs away from old man and start digging in the mud. Old man is convince that his dog has found truffles and he shows happy from his face. Old man start digging in the mud where his dog indicate it and he gets one large truffle. Old man takes this truffle and start heading to another place. At the end of this video, there is one old female near the home and old man has communicate happily with her.
    The background of this story, we can see huge plantaion. And structure of house model, we can expect that country of this story is Italy. Italy is one of famous country to have large vinyard to produce wine. Therefore, there is possibility that old man’s job is vinyard former. I think that truffles hunting is not old man’s main job. He should gathering truffles as hobby.

    • Ryosuke Abe

      I think it is interesting opinion.I don’t see the commercial from this point of view.So I can this commercial from a different.Thank you.

  3. [Numa] Report

    Investments play an important role for society to grow.
    Because investment makes a contribution to local economy through supporting company, and gives a form for valuable ideas.
    And the investment method that influences investments’ effect is also an important element.
    In this CM, Valuable ideas were replaced by a truffle,
    And a dog which discovers it was pictured.
    I think this dog stands for new way of investments.
    The effective way of investments is changing as the economic globalization spreads.
    That a dog is better to find out truffles than a pig means the effective way of investment
    is changing.
    I think this CM is well made!

    • Rei
      Numa,you have a great opinion.You`re genius. I watched same CM,but I don`t think deeply like you. I agree with you because I understand your thinking of investiment.

  4. This commercial title is “truffle”
    Business Analyst
    “ryosuke Abe” report

    This story shows truffle hunting mainly.So I think truffle hunting is primary business.And the commercial may tell us something through this truffle hunting.The old men thinks that trained dog is more useful than trained pig to find truffles.Even if trained pig find truffles, the pig may eat them.So he selects the dog.Old men make his best choice in the story .
    I think this commercial proposes that we select HSBC which “use local experts to unearth valuable investiment oppotunities from around the world” the same as trained dog which unearth valuable truffle without fail in the story.
    It is important for us to think deeply and make our best choice.

    • yasu
      I agree that it is important for us to think deeply and make our best choice.
      In business, this idea is important. When we encounter difficult situation on business we have to select better way. It is not excused so we have to think deeply.

    • “Leen”

      I agreed that this story shows truffle hunting mostly by using trained dog. I heard that the reason why some people using pig to find truffle is pig does not need any train education to find truffle. Pig may takes more less cost than dog to find truffles.

  5. “TRUFFLES” Title ”Really truffles means”

    Truffles is expensive food. It costs about 5 thousand yen to buy them 50g. I think that why are they used is the commercial? So, I guess that the commercial may teach something to us through the “TRUFFLES”.
    At the class, our team discovered repeated words. It is “used, unearth, valuable, and local experts”. And we tried discussing what does “local expert and unearth” mean. As a result, we reached an answer that they have two means. In the commercial, “local expert” means farmers and bank clerks. And “unearth” means digging the ground and finding valuable investment opportunities. Moreover I think the following. There is having changed a pig to a well – trained dog to find truffles for centuries. It expresses that HSBC’s management policy was changed. And HSBC said “We use local experts to unearth valuable investment opportunities from around the world”. That is, HSBC has ability to consider local people who have the commercial possibilities can gain much money.
    Taking those things into consideration, HSBC is putting a great deal of effort to find “TRUFFLES”. (I think that “TRUFFLES” is used as a valuable investment opportunities in the commercial.) So, HSBC will lend money to people who want to realize their dream and have a commercial possibilities. I guess this conduct will contribute many local economies.


    • Ted

      I agree with Hiro’s opinion, “this conduct will contribute many local ecomomies”. Because I realize that this commercial wants to promote local economies by watching it. Your report is very nice!

    • I think that truffles stand for valuable investment opportunities in the commercial too.
      Moreover white truffles were pictured in this movie, and white truffles are more expensive black truffles.
      This fact tell importance that valuable investment opportunities too.

    • I agree with his opinion. This commercial represents a change of the way of the harvesting truffles. And we can see that the way are become more effectively. As he says, I think this change indicates the variation of the way of the HSBC’s support.


  6. Rei Aoki
    This story`s title is Truffles.
    Business Analyst

    I want to write about question No.4 in Busines Analyst.
    When I watched this story,I had an opinion about good motivation and effort which more important than great skil.I imagine that the farmer`s pig has good skill to find truffules but it eats truffles and stops working. So the farmer is disgusted by his pig and trains his dog. A pig is more useful to dig up truffles than a dog,but a trained dog is better than a pig. Because of that,I think my opinion.
    Also,there is another business principles in this story. Truffles is momey-it is a metaphor.The farmer`s pig eating truffles means it uses money for itself,but his dog handing truffles to him means it investigates him. he males his wife happy by showing truffles and his dog will be praised by him.
    I don`t have many good skills but if I practice hard,I`ll be a great person. If I have great skill,I want to continue my effort.I also want to be careful use of the money.

    • Hira

      I agree with your opinion. I think if I have good motivation, I have good efforts in my work. Good skills are important,but motivation is more important.I wish you’ll do your best!

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