Mr. Popular: Cultures-27

  1. What countries are mentioned?
  2. What job titles are mentioned?
  3. Which man would be most admired in your country? Why?
  4. Write an imaginary phrase for you countries women using the same format.
  5. How does the black and white affect the mood of this commercial?
  6. How does the music affect the mood?

Here is the full script with music lyrics as you hear them

Music: Why this feeling, why this glow, why this feeling while you say “hello”

Narrator: In Australia thirteen percent of women say they admire celebrities.

Music: . . . you do. Mr. Wonderful . . .

Narrator: To forty percent of young Russians, business men are heroes.

Music: Why this trembling, when you speak.

Narrator: While in Brazil eighty percent of women admire plastic surgeons.

Music: Why this joy, when you touch my cheek. Mr. Wonderful . . .

Narrator: Different points of view are welcome here. HSBC the World’s Local Bank.

Song Lyrics as sang by Peggy Lee in 1956.

Why this feeling? Why this glow?
Why the thrill when you say hello?
It’s a strange and tender magic you do.
Mister Wonderful, that’s you.
Why this trembling when you speak?
Why this joy when you touch my cheek?
I must tell you what my heart knows is true.
Mister Wonderful, that’s you.

And why this longing to know your charms?
To spend forever here in your arms?
Oh, there’s much more I could say,
But the words keep slipping away,
And I’m left with only one point of view.
Mister Wonderful, that’s you.

One more thing, then I’m through.
Mister Wonderful,
Mister Wonderful,
Mister Wonderful, I love you!

14 thoughts on “Mr. Popular: Cultures-27

  1. This commercial name is “Mr. Popular”. Our group discussed about this commercial and many opinions are mentioned. Three types of women taken up in this commercial. However, I think there are common things in these women. It is, “women like rich man after all”. Celebrities who are liked by Australian has a lot of money at least. In addition, tycoons and plastic surgeons, as we all know, make big money.

    It seems that we can say the same thing about Japanese women. From way back, Japanese woman demand “3 kou” in marriage partner. “3 kou”means tall height, higher education, and high income. As we thought, Japanese woman like rich man too. I think about 30% of Japanese woman like a man who has a lot of money.

    The reason why women prefer rich man is economic stability is very important in this world. So, I think this commercial wants to say that money is valuable thing after all.

    • Hira

      Your idea is very interesting. I think too some Japanese women like rich men.
      Other country’s idea about women is same Japanese idea. I think It is interesting.

    • Ted

      I agree with Yone’s opinion, “this commercial wants to say that money is valuable thing after all”. Because I think that we have to spend money to live our lives. I wish I become a rich man in the future!

    • Kazu

      You are catching a good point. You have a good view.
      I think so too. Especially, a Japanese precedent is great.
      It was able to better understand. I also want money, and want a girlfriend.
      In other words I am greed.

  2. The title of this commercial is “Mr. Popular” and three countries “Australia, Russia, Brazil” appear.
    On the surface their countries are all Christian. But strictly speaking, Russia is orthodox Christian, and Brazil is cathartics. Comparing with Japan, Australian people eat high calorie food, Russia has large amount of resources, and Brazilian people is cheerful. On languages, Russian is made in Russia, while English is not made in Australia, Portuguese is not made in Brazil, Australia and brazil used to be colonies
    This CM says 80 percent of women admire plastic surgeon. In fact, cosmetic surgery is very popular in Brazil. Moreover, Brazilian people have cosmetic surgery not to make their chest bigger but to make them smaller.

    • Hira

      Your opinion is interesting. I’m surprised to hear your information about Brazil.
      I know only cosmetic surgery is very popular in Korea.

  3. yasu
    This commercial title is “Mr.popular”
    My title is “different cultures generate a profit”

    This commercial says that in Australia 13% of women admire celebrities, in Russia 40% of young Russians say business men are heroes and in Brazil 80% of women admire plastic surgeons. This mentions merely seem to show cultures in each country but I think this mentions imply that different cultures can generate a profit.
    The end of this commercial says “different points of view are welcome here.” I think this phrase mean to have a chance to generate a profit in different cultures. For instance, in Brazil 80% of women admire plastic surgeons but in japan I think less women admire plastic surgeons due to Japanese culture. After all plastic surgeons earn more money in brazil than in japan. I think different cultures generate different demands. When we start an enterprise around the world, we have to investigate local religious culture, food culture and traditional culture.
    This commercial wants to tell importance of “different points of view” through different cultures.

    • Ryosuke Abe

      I agree that “different cultures generate different demands”.In japan,many kinds of company advance to abroad.And some of the company succeeded in meeting demands in different countries.So I am agreed on this point.

    • Huong

      Yasu, your idea is interesting. And I think different of view haven’n yet welcomed in Japan, where people act likely to others. I hope in the future, Japan is nolonger called closed-country, more international people and international ideas is important in Japan. Exept Tokyo, the number of international businessmen is still a small number.

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