Wedding Present / Culture 26

  1. What is happening in this commercial?
  2. What country/culture do you think this is in?
  3. Are all the guest having fun?
  4. What do the guests do as they leave?
  5. What kind of communication is this?
  6. What seems to be the confusion with some of the guests?
  7. Do you receive gifts from the bride and groom in your culture?
  8. Can you explain the meaning of gift giving in your culture?

5 thoughts on “Wedding Present / Culture 26

  1. 1.Some guests are bored.
    2.British,I think.
    3.No.Some are bored.
    4.They leave a present.
    5.A misunderstanding by defference of culture.
    6.That some guests are singing and dancing which they don’t know or not interested in.
    7.Yes.I recieve a small towel.
    8.It means celebrating,wishing for recovery and so on.

  2. 1. The culture contrast.
    2. British and one other country.
    3. Not at all. The singers seem to be enjoyed. But the sitting family does not have fun, they leave early.
    4. One woman gives gift to the bride. One takes it from her.
    5. Wedding manner.
    6. Onw woman from another country takes gift from the bride, she thought it is like her country, when the guest is given gifts.
    7. No.
    8. Gift giving means you want to wish or greet somebody good things.Or to show your gratitude or respect to someone.

  3. 1.Difference in culture.
    2.I think England.
    3.No,there are people feeling it is not fun.
    4.They take the present wedding couple receive.
    5.Common sense at wedding in each culture.
    6.The guests don`t know that in a culture there is wedding people enjoy dance in.
    7.Yes,I receive a wall clock.
    8.In Japan,People give wedding couple gift with a felling of the celebration.

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