1. Why does this man get up so early in the morning?
  2. What happens when they pull up the net the first time?
  3. What happens the second time?
  4. How does this present an ethical problem?
  5. What doe it mean ” For many people responsibility is as important as money”?
  6. Does the man have other responsibilities to his crew and to his family?
  7. What is he thinking now?
  8. How did he come to such a decision?
  9. How would you define the word “responsibility”?

10 thoughts on “Responsibility

  1. Team Name “jobs” Writer “Numa”
    Cultural Investigator

    2) Catholic Christian.
    3) Spanish.
    4) Hard working, Responsible, Protect animals, Determined, Punctual.
    5) Japanese fishermen have the same aspect.
    6) Clothes, Ship design, house structure.
    7) It is important to protect life than earn money.

  2. Summarezers Team Gandhi

    1.Johnson,45 years old poor family,making a living with fishing
    2.action:fishing,relashonship:dolphin,event:catching dolphin

    3.Mr.Jonson gets up early because he is a fisherman.His crew cannnot catch so many fish.One day they catch so many fish,but they also catch a dolphin.Finally they release dolphin with many fish.

    4.Before first:There were many poor people in Jonhson’s town.
    Before second:Because of the grobal and over fishing,people cannot catch enough fishes.

    Before third:People prayed for getting many fishes.

    Before last: Some member disagreed to cut the net,but finally all members agreed.

    5.Mr.Johhson is a fisherman and get up early to catch fish.He try to catch many fish with his crew,but they cannot catch every day.One day,they get a big catch.However they also catch a dolphin in the net.In the end,MrJonson decided to cut the net to release the dolphin.

  3. 1. He has to work as a fisher on a boat.
    2. There is nothing the first time.
    3. The second times is a lot of fishes. The next day, they catch very big mount of fish but there is a dolphin.
    4. Ethical problem is the decision to catch the dolphin or leave it. If the dolphin is caught it will be dead.
    5. Responsibility run the fisherman in the right way. If they do wrong things, there will be no one buying their fishes, they will have no money.
    6. Yes, environment protecting responsibility.
    7. He is thinking he can not harm a animals to earn money, that is the moral problem.
    8. He cuts the net very determinedly and leaves the dolphin.
    9. It means duty, promise…

    • 1) fisherman
      3) fish . . . amount
      4) it will die or be killed.
      5) the secret could have been kept for awhile
      9) more detail here.

  4. Team:Tycoon Writer:Rei
    1.There is only one character in this story.
    2.My friend picked up a stray hamster and fed it food. He loved hamsters.One day,he found the real hamster`s owrner.He wanted to keep it but he returned it to her.
    3.Duty,family,and morality.
    4.I prepared hard for a baseball match and my team won that game.
    5.I can apply duty to my life because it is important to live.
    6.I can apply responsibility to my business life.
    7.This commercial is too short and this isn`t show deeply. In real life,we may be hard to decide.

  5. Team “typhoon” Writter Hira
    Bussiness analyst
    1.fisherman industry
    4.We see depcited responcibility,ethnic and determination.
    5. The man leads crews. Hard-working express integrity. Releasing dolphin quickly express decisiveness.
    6Other personal characteristics and bussiness skills is healthy.

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