Okeedokee: Culture: 9/25

  1. List the adventures this man experiences on his tour?
  2. The music is by Jimmy Hendrix. What does this add to the commercial?
  3. How many times doe this man use the “okay” gesture?
  4. What happens when he uses it the last time?
  5. What do you think it means in Brazil?

10 thoughts on “Okeedokee: Culture: 9/25

  1. 1.see festival,animals,view,many people,visit houses,run in the desert,river,cities,camp,play soccer board game,crash,fix,arrested by polices
    2.lonely,strong,freedom,active,and powerful
    4.Been misunderstood to insult

  2. Team name “typhoon” Writer “Kazu”
    Language investigator

    1.”All over South America this gestures means everything is Okey. Apart from Brazil where it is really rude. We never underestimate the importance of local knowledge. HSBC the world local bank.”
    2. Slang
    3.Intonation is dificult to hear.
    4.Yes,and 20 percentage is metaphorical and 80 percentage is literal. Because there are many communicational gestures.
    5.The deeper meaning is about the relationship about bank and people who borrow money from bank. We can see in the clip that there are many poor country in South America. The scrips also says that Brazil is rude. So we think that the gesture OK means HSBC bank is willing to lend money to people in poor country easier than in big country like Brazil. The Adventure means the local HSBC is every where, the OK gesture means the promise of local HSBC to the people.
    6.No problem.
    7.Dancing and waving hands and Animal gesture.

    • 1) “Okay”

      5) countries. Yes, I see what you mean, but I don’t think that HSBC is making the distinction between countries and the sizes of countries.


  3. Team Name : “jobs”, Writer : Ted
    Cultural Investigator

    1. Brazil and the rest of south America;Argentina,Peru,and Chile etc…
    The sceneries of each countries are flashed back in this commercial.
    2. Catholic
    3. Spanish,English,and Portuguese
    4. They have tradition in each countries of the south America.
    5. Smile,Clothes,and Play in nature
    6. Gesture,Langeage,and Gorgeous costumes
    7. We realize that there are a lot of unique cultures in one of the continents in the world.

  4. team name:tycoon
    ryosuke abe

    1.Michael,30years old,traveler

    2.He traveled in south America.And he experienced many kinds of environments.For example to join a festival,to see mountain and to drop by a pub.

    3.First scene:Michael is traveling by using motorcycle.second scene:He enjoy festival and games.And he see many people in the world.Final scene :He mistakes to use “Okay sign”.

    4.Michael worked so hard to make money for long distance travel.He traveled a very long distance.And finaly he was blamed by a shopkeeper in the pub.So a tire of his motercycle waspunctured.Because of this his motercycle was swing.

    5.His name is Michael.he is 30years old.One day He began travel in south America by using motercycle. He saw mountain,river,children,and festival and so on.He joined the festival and enjoy ed the soccer game on the way.One day,he drop by a pub.Then,He mistook to use “Okay sign”.He wanted to tell “delicious”,but shopkeeper catched a different mean.The shopkeeper was angry.But Michael didn’t understand the situation.I think it is important to understand culture in different countries.

  5. team.gandhi

    1. friendly, curious, active, adventurous, determinant, brave

    2. Tetsuya(my friend)

    3. He wants to see people around the world.

    4. I passed an examination and was able to go to the university.

    5, adventurous


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