New Lassi Machine: 9/25

  1. What is the main character’s mission?
  2. Is he prepared for India?
  3. What should he have done to prepare for such a trip? Give him some business travel and business communication advice.
  4. How is innovation depicted in this commercial?
  5. What are lassis made of (ingredients)?
  6. Comment on the humor of this commercial?

16 thoughts on “New Lassi Machine: 9/25

  1. Ryosuke Abe

    1.Mission is investigate demands in India.
    2.No,he isn’t.
    3.For example he shoud learn religion and weather and culture in India before such a trip.
    4.Each peolpe has different ideas.
    5.For example lassis made of some mango and some milk.

  2. Leen

    1. His mission is investigate wash machine demends in India.

    2. He does not prepare to visit in India. Becasue he feels nervous and culture shock from this video.

    3. He needs local guild suppoter to visit India and find the way of company smoothly.

    4. In India, they using washing machine to make Lassi effectively. They have different view of thinking to create innovation.

    5. From this video, they using some kinds of fruit and mix with water by washing machine to make Lassi

    • 1) demands
      3) guide , business and cultural rules.
      create innovation? innovate can be used as a verb
      4) you should have researched this.

  3. 1.What is the main character’s mission?
    To investigate new market.
    2.Is he prepared for India?
    No.he isn’t.
    3.What should he have done to prepare for such a trip? Give him some business travel and business communication advice.
    Indians speak English fast. India is in rainy season now. wear casual cloths.
    4.How is innovation depicted in this commercial?
    Washing mashine is used to make lassi.
    5.What are lassis made of (ingredients)?
    Yogurt,fruit(mango,banana etc)
    6.Comment on the humor of this commercial?
    It’s wild way to make…Doesn’t the mashine break?

  4. 1.To investigate the washing machine that a demand was increased in India.

    2. He is not prepared.

    3. Wear appropriate clothes.
    Study the traditional rule.
    Memorize easily cliche.

    4. Innovation used different way from original how to use in this commercial.

    5. In this commercial, lassis made by some fruits and yogurt.

    6.Washing machine having been used by a different way.


  5. Numa

    1.His mission is to investigate reason that washing machine sales are up in india.
    2.No,he isn’t.
    3.He should wear casual and prepare for rain.
    4.washing machine is used as a mixer.
    5.yogurt,water,milk and fruits.
    6.I’m afraid of getting sick by drinking the lassy!

  6. 1. To investigate why the demand in India rise up
    2. No, Because he got wet in the rain, he brang suit in raining season, he shared the business card , this prove that he didn’t know anything about India culture.
    3. He should find some books to read about India culture, communication, or weather.
    4. Washing machine was used as a mixer.
    5. yogurt, water, spices, fruits.
    6. The face of the man looks so funny…like Mr.Bean.

  7. 1.To investiggate why washing machine’s demond is up in India.
    2.No,he isn’t.becausehe He didn’t have an umbrella and he was shocked Indian culture.
    3.He should know the indian weather and indian culture. He need the guide who know India well.
    4.How to use washing machine is different in India.
    6.The washing machine was used making juice.

  8. 1.His mission is selling washing machine and investigating business partner.
    2.He does not prepare to go in India. Because he could not adapt to Indian surroundings.
    3.His mission needs local guide and right appearance for India.
    4.The washing machine is used mixer. Washing machine in Poland, but mixer in India. Some machine but different the way of use. It is innovation.
    5.Material of Lassi is yogurt, water, milk, and fruits.
    6.He was going to sell the washing machine. However, were sold the mixer before he knew it.

    • 3) more advice please!
      6) Yes, I can see the humor here, but DON’T YOU ALSO SEE THE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Do you know how many lassis they make in India every day?

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