Second Life/Story 9.25

  1. Do you think this man likes his job?
  2. Is he good at selling?
  3. What is his real dream?
  4. What steps does he take to achieve his dream?
  5. How does he improve and innovate in the process?
  6. Why is this commercial titled Second Life?

9 thoughts on “Second Life/Story 9.25

  1. Rei
    1.I think he likes his job because he enjoy his work.
    2.Yes,he can sell the house he cleans.
    3.His real dream is a pilot of jambo jets.
    4.He works very hard to realize his dream and go to a pilot school.Finaly,he become a pilot.
    5.He go to pilot school and he can steer an airplane.
    6.Because he changes his job and his new job is his dream.

  2. Ted
    1. Yes, I think because he looks happy for his work.
    2. No, I think because he was not able to sell the house easily.
    3. It is a pilot of jambo jets.
    4. First, he finds his dream. Second, he works to make money to fulfill his dream.
    Finally, his dream comes true.
    5. By going to flight school and continuing to make unremitting efforts.
    6. Because he changes his job which he wants to take, and he starts “Second Life”.

  3. 1.Maybe yes.He was smiling when working.
    2.At first no.But after he became good.
    3.To be a airline pilot.
    4.First he worked hard to enter a flight school,second he trained steering a plane,and finally he was recruited by an airline.
    5.He worked hard to earn money,and entered a flight school.
    6.Because he change the job and realized his dream.

  4. yasu
    1.No.When he did deskwork at his office,he seemed to be unable to forget his dream.
    2.Yes.It was difficult for what he was to sell a house but he improved his selling skill.Finally,he could sell a house so he is good at selling.
    3.His real dream is to be a pilot of jumbo jets.
    4.First,he saves money.Second,he enrolls in cessna pilot center.Third,he studies very hard to get licence.Finally,he achieves his dream.
    5.He changed a selling style to sell a house:he renovated a selling house by himself and selled it.
    6.Because he changes his job and starts a new life.

  5. “Hiro”

    1. I think he likes his job. Because he made over the house to sell by hisself. It was difficult for people to live in it. But thanks to his effort, it could be sold. So, I think such things because of his act.
    2. Yes, he is. Although he didn’t confirm its condition, because his effort to sell the house could make it sold.
    3. It is to become a pilot of airliner.
    4. Frist, he was a salesman to sell houses. On the other hand, he obtained a light plane’s license. Finally, he achieved to become a pilot of airliner.
    5. He changed wall’s color and cleaned a toilet by hisself. After that, he entered Elementary Flying Training School.
    6. Because he found his real dream and realized it. Moreover it seems that he is happy than before. This is why I think “Second Life” is used as this commercial title.

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