Prosperity: Metaphor 9.24

  1. What are the predominate colours in this commercial?
  2. What mood is depicted through the lighting and colours?
  3. What does the Chinese character mean?
  4. Hopes . . . planning and then setting them free . . . what is the purpose of this?
  5. What are the other keywords in the script?

12 thoughts on “Prosperity: Metaphor 9.24

  1. 1. red and black
    2. warm
    3. hieroglyphics
    4. praying for the growth of children
    5. family,wish

    2.good mood
    for example calm or relax
    3.powerful mind thier wish or dream
    5.steps to focus on their target

  3. 1. Red, black, yellow.
    2. Prosperous, peaceful,warm, safe, hopeful.
    3. One character means “light”, the after character means “big”, therefore they all mean “big flight”as well as “big hope”.
    4. The purpose is to become prosperious.
    5. Second them free, prosperity, hope.

    3.The top character means “light”,the bottom character means prosperity.
    4.praying for a personal wish.

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