Anything for Love?

  1. Describe briefly what the young man does for the young lady in Scene 1.
  2. Scene 2.
  3. Scene 3.
  4. What happens when they get to MacDonald’s?
  5. What does she do that irritates her boyfriend?
  6. Why doesn’t he want to share his food?
  7. What does the young man’s face seem to express at the end of the commercial?
  8. What do you think happens five hours later when the young man realizes that he may have lost his girlfriend over a few french fries?
  9. How does the lyrics of the  music match the action of the commercial?
  10. Please write your original title for this commercial (1-7 words only).
  11. For Extra Credit watch this live version of the original music (rock opera) by Meat Loaf (see below). Please write down three or four lines of the lyrics that support the main theme.