Week 5: Communication contexts and medium

  • Characters

Scientist: Dr. Santos; Small Kitten: Pebbles; Clones of the scientist at the house: Dr. Santos 2. Dr. Santos  3. etc. 

  • Transcript Dictation

Write down all the words you hear in this commercial. This particular script is challenging because while Dr. Santos  is speaking and later when going about his daily life, the narrator gives commentary. Your challenge is to catch both. Dr. Santos = 16 words; narrator = 51 words. Total=67 words.

  • Storyline: Description and Imagination
  1. Where do you think this international conference is being held?
  2. Why does Dr. Santos use Pebbles in the presentation?
  3. Why does he pick up the kitten at the end of the presentation?
  4. What is Dr. Santos thinking when he is sitting in the empty auditorium?
  5. Why is there a crowd of protesters outside the auditorium?
  6. Why is there a security detail?
  7. What happens when Dr. Santos gets home?
  8. How are the greetings different for each clone?
  9. What is each clone doing?
  10. Do you think each clone has a different personality?
  • Culture Contrast

Look at your script again. In this commercial three cultures (citizens of countries) are compared and contrasted on their opinion of cloning.

  1. Why do you think the opinions of these people are so different?
  2. Why do you think some people (generally as a nationality) accept cloning, while others reject it?
  3. Do you think the opinions represent broader national characteristics such as the way a certain group of people view science or a belief in the future?
  • Intercultural Communication Concept (identify and apply)

Different types of communication; presenting your information visually and orally; Analysing communication contexts and mediums.

Communication is a process whereby people collectively create and transmit meaning through the exchange of verbal and nonverbal messages in a particular context. (Oetzel, 2009)

In this story, there are several types of communication represented. In communication theory each is identified as a medium of communication. While a communication situation is called a context of communication. Below is a list of communication situations with several subcategories under each. Using the following list, identify the types of communication happening in each situation. (diagram this)

formal/informal; written/spoken or other; public/private; planned/unplanned direct/indirect; one-way/interactive

LECTURE: slides; gestures; demonstration; clapping

MEDIA: television; radio; print (newspapers etc.); other

INTERPERSONAL (home): greetings; gestures; eye contact; facial communication; posture; chuckling; rally; placards (posters); shouting; chanting; crowding

Group discussion: in your group discuss the following and decide . . .

  1. In each situation identify who is giving the information and who is receiving the information and what medium are they using?
  2. Imagine how long (duration) of the communication may have been.
  3. Make a judgment on how effective each method of communication is in your opinion.
  • Humor

The humor in this story is considered irony. Dr. Santos has just given a lecture about cloning demonstrating what he has accomplished with Pebbles, a small kitten. The audience applauds his lecture, his great work and the message he gives about the possibilities for the future. However, the public is protesting outside the lecture hall and the media want to get an interview with the esteemed scientist. Yet, ironically when Dr. Santos returns home we see that he has already succeeded in cloning himself, so that he can get a lot of work done. The humorous point is that the public does not realize how far science has advanced and their protests are futile. There is also a humorous aspect to the relationship Dr. Santos has with his clones. Each seems to have a different job and even a different personality. It is also evident that the Dr. Santos has a different relationship with each clone and may at times have difficulty keeping them busy and behaving properly.

  • Grammar Point

1) Look at the script again. Almost every phrase has a different time perspective. Look closely and label each phrase as (P)resent, Past, or (F)uture. Interestingly, the tense of the verb in this script is not the only indicator of time reference.

2) The future is in your hands is a common maxim used in many situations. Here it is used to close a lecture as a challenge to the audience to take responsibility for the next move. Can you think of other situations where this phrase might be used?

  • Slogan and Logo  

The slogan says “different points of view are welcome here.”

  1. What do you think this means?
  2. Where does “here” refer to?
  3. Why do you think different points of view are encouraged?
  4. Make a list of five places where different points of view are (or should be) encouraged. Example: talk radio.
  5. Make a list of five places (situations) where different points of view are not or should not be encouraged. Example: court of law.
  • Business Application (writing or speaking)

Related to the slogan’s “different points of view,” discuss why you think different points of view will strengthen a business and how it might weaken a business. In other words, when is uniformity to be demanded and when is diversity to be celebrated? Give specific examples of situations of each.

11 thoughts on “Week 5: Communication contexts and medium

  1. [Transcript Dictation]
    Narrator: 30% of (prisoners?) believe the cloning of human is never happen. Interestingly, 34% of Americans see human cloning happening sometimes in the future. Well, 58% of Taiwanese think it has already happened in somewhere in secret. Different point of views welcome here. HSBC, a world local bank.

    Dr.Santos: let me think.

  2. [Story Line]
    1. I guess it is London!
    2. The reason why he use pebbles is because showing evidence is quite easy to explain his
    3. i think ‘key’ is story. He wanted to show a story for audience, which is great way to explain. Making story is very easy to understand things. He explained what happened at first, then, …..finally, he succeed(showing pebbles.)
    4. I guess he is just waiting for protest will disappear. Or he don’t want to go back home because
    it’s uncomfortable for him with other clones.
    5.Because they want to show their protest to the world through broadcast.

  3. [Different point of views are welcome here] ?????
    above all, I don’t understand the reason why this commercial say this message.
    For whom, different point of views are welcome in this commercial? For Dr.Santos? For protestors? For us? And Why for those people?

    How do you think?

    • I think this message is for all of people around the world. We have to think about cloning from many aspects like medicine, people’s rights, religion and so on.By listening to other’s opinion, we can find better answer because we can know why they oppse cloning.And this is needed in many situations.

    • I think it is for everyone. It is ok that there are people who agree with cloning. And also it is ok that there are people who disagree with it. “different point of view” expresses each person.

  4. [Different point of views are welcome here]
    1. I think it means that different point of views have some benefit for us.
    2. “Here” is this HSBC bank. If they help a company which have different point of views, and if they grew up, bank can be returned money. Or, if the company makes some changes in the world, HSBC feel plesure as helper.

    4. Seminor [If all of us have same point of views, seminors are so boring.]
    Human Rights [I think that human rights studies are because of violations of human rights. If
    there had been no violation of human rights, nobody need to study about it, even
    thnk of it. It sounds ironic, but truth. There are people who agree with violation of
    huma right, so people try to prove human right. Perhaps problems are needed
    for studying.]
    Life on Earth [If every creatures live in same environment, have same life style, and eat same
    thing, lots of creatures can’t survive. These are some example, if fish lived on the
    ground, if owls moved in the morning, if rats competed with rion to get food, they
    must have disappered. Of course they don’t think “Different point of views are very
    importnant to survive”. They don’t think such thing, this is just a metapher. But
    accidentary they could see the world differently from others.
    in comedy

  5. [Different points of view are welcome here ]
    5. Fascism.
    Do you have any other ideas?

  6. [Transcript Dictation]
    Narrater:30% of Brazilians belive that cloning of human will never happen. Interestingly, 34% of americans see human cloning have many sometime in human future while 55 persent of taiwanese think it has already happened. Somewhere in secret. Different points of view are welcome here HSBC the world’s local bank.

    Dr.Santos:Let me think.

  7. [Story Line]
    1.It’s Spain becase Dr. Santos said “Hola” when he arrived his home.

    2.It helps him to explain and show them an evidence of his study.

    3.Visual information is more powerful and easier to understand than auditory information. Moreover, picking up a kitten after the so long and too difficult to understand explanation gave us a great impression.It was a his strategy .

    4.He thinks what will be happen from now on and whether his study is right or not for human so his face fell.

    5.I think his study exceed what human do.It is just like what God does. His study is great improvement in medicine.Of corse we come to make same person so we can take organs from him or her.Their organs are same DNA as original person’s one.Rejection never happen.But is there clone’s right? I think many protesters are worried about that.

  8. ・Storyline
    1, It is being held at Harvard university in Cambridge.
    2, To evidence of the success of cloning.
    3, It is because giving the presentation with showing the evident is more powerful.
    4, He is thinking whether what he is doing is right or not. When he gave a presentation, he was judged of a great scientist. But if he go out, he is judged of the person who is studying that human should not do.
    5, To show their disagreement.

  9. 6.It’s difficult to understand.

    7.Dr.Santos greeted several clones in spanish that time.

    8.Each clone has different personality. I think although they are clone, they have their own volition.
    I have ever thought clone has similar personality.

    9.One clone is using PC, other clone is reading newspaper, another clone begin to watch TV.

    10.Yes! I think so. But,it’s only this story.

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