JSP#002: Tour Guide

Instructions: 1) Shoko, please write the short story part; Group 1, answer questions 1-5;  & Group 2, 6-10. Please post your answers as usual and respond to at least one other student’s post. 

A) Writing/summarizing: Now write a short story (only 85 words) describing the life and career of Mr. Omar. Use the facts you see in the commercial but don’t be afraid to add your own details. Here is how you might start . . . Mr. Omar was a taxi driver in the poor slums of Cairo, Egypt. One day he . . . 

B) Questions for discussion, reflection, and journal.

  1. When did Mr. Omar see a career opportunity?
  2. Why did he take such a challenge? What is the entrepreneurial spirit?
  3. What is your definition of “soft skills”?
  4. What soft skills maked Mr. Omar successful?
  5. What does this line mean “having the courage to follow your dreams”? Do you think it takes courage to follow your dreams?
  6. What other personality traits and characteristics does it take to succeed in business?
  7. What were the steps Omar needed to move from taxi driver to tour guide?
  8. A couple of years ago there was a political revolution in Egypt. What do you know about this country and its economy?
  9. At the beginning of the commercial there is no speaking. What do the background noises indicate?
  10. What kind of music is used? How does this add to the commercial and sense of narrative?

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  1. B]
    1. It is the time when he was seeing other tour guides and tourist, from his car.

    2. Because he thought he can do it, and it can be more successfull than taxi draiver. I think enterpreneurial spirit is a creative mind to find out a new buisiness opportunity. If we have it, we can create something new in the world.

    3. Soft skill is a skill to make good relationship with people. I think poeple who have such skills, definitry love people, and interested in people, full of curiousity for people. Because they loves people, they have improved their skills.

    • 3. I think so…soft skill doesn’t mean your education level or what exactly you can do technically. People who has soft skill is like to meet the new world.

      • Well, I like to meet new books, so i might have “Book Soft Skill”. But, I am not so good soft skill person.

      • Akira, no, you have! Sometimes from a book you can think and tells you about soft skill.

  2. 4. Consideration, [He designed his car with some words in order to be identified easily.]
    Smile [He is always smiling gentoly ],
    Speech skill [He is explaining to tourist in everywhre he go. Finally with mike!!]

    5…. let me think.

    • 4.I agree with you.Of course these kinds of soft skills are important in business.In addition I think knowledge is also important.I mean it is basic on them.If he dosen’t know about many things,his customer wouldn’t enjoy talking becouse he can’t agree and answer their questions.In any situations especialy bsiness,knowledge is important I think.

      • Yeah, I agree. I don’t know whether knowledge is skill or not. But knowledge is definitely key point.

  3. 6. Strength of your mind takes to succeed in business. I mean how can you communicate with other people even you can’t speak a language fluently, and how can you tell people or make them understand in your opion.

    7. He needed to buy a van and tour bus. But, he also needed to get support from his family and financial support, it’s be from “HSBC”. Furthermore, customers were needed because if he didn’t have so many customers, he couldn’t succeeded in his business.

    8. I know there was also civil revolutions. They tried to gain democracy. People were against Mubarak’s government.
    Economy in Egypt, the most biggest share of export is national sources, oil and gas. Their economy also depends on tourism, but it was decreased when the revolution had happened.

    *I’ll leave comment for 9 & 10 later.

    • 7. I wonder how he got trusts of customer. You know, taxi and buses are sometimes very dangerous because they might take tourist somewhere and injure them. I think private taxi and private tour are much more scary than well known company.
      At the beginning, how does he get tourist’s trust.

      • Akira, you make a very important connection and ask a critical question. Building trust is important from several perspectives:
        1) in a small company, trust must be built between the customer or client and the business owner: because a taxi driver and a tour guide mostly offer a service, it is important to build trust with their clients.

        2) once, a company has grown larger than just a one-man operation, or just a few employees, the business / organization must build confidence in “their brand”. This is part of branding–the promise of consistent quality in a product or service.

        3)  Also, with a larger company / organization there needs to be trust built and maintained between the management and the regular employees– organizational trust building. In other words, no one wants to work for a company or an organization that they don’t trust. And yes, since you are studying government for your major–this idea of maintaining trust also extends to the government’s relationship to citizens: how much citizens trust or do not trust what officials say and do. We have plenty of examples as citizens of Fukushima, don’t we?

        Later in this class we will briefly touch branding and organizational trust this semester, but much more in our next semester class.  Keep enquiring!

  4. 9. It indicates that he he is just a taxi driver. Later he will have his own company, but at the beginning, he was just the taxi driver. No music emphasizes it is normal life or daily life in ordinary people….like he says good-bye to his children and kisses his wife.

    10. I think it’s Samba. It makes this commercial more lively. It also makes us think that life is great. Mr. Omar had success and failure, it took so much time to have his own business, but he enjoys his life.

  5. I think so, too. It’s like a Samba music. It is played when he was looking at other tour guides and tourists and felt jealous of it. So starting to be played music means starting his new life. And it expresses his determination to work on his own style.

  6. I’m sorry about posting this time.
    1. Mr. Omar saw his career opportunity when he was seeing the guide man was crossing road with many tourists.
    2. He has a family (2boys) and he was living in the poor street. It means he need more money for his family. But he is just a taxi driver, and of course it doesn’t make enough money. So, he decided to challenge his career up when he got a good business idea.
    3. We talked about it in the class. Soft skills are good personalities to connect people. For example: nice smile, friendly talkative character, keep time and promises, and self confidence. In addition, one of the important soft skills is IMAGINATION. I think that good imaginer can successful. You must be dreamer!
    4. First, he has a good personality to attract people such as nice smile and talkative character. Then, he knows well the feelings of other people. Those soft skills make him successful.
    5. “Having the courage to follow your dreams” it means that you mustn’t to dread failure for realize your dream. Any success doesn’t come without failings. Therefore, if you have a courage to fight against the difficulty your dream will come true!

    • That’s sounds interesting. on No.4, you said that he knows well the feeling of other people. Is this a kind of soft skill? I think it’s imagination and one of the key of soft skill.

  7. I’m sorry. I’m late.

    One day, he looked a tour for sightseers to Cairo,Egypt. He have confidence to succeed more and he is a curious person. So, he became a tour guides from taxi driver.
    He started business action. Probably, I think that he made an agreement with travel companys and banks.There were’nt only entrepreneur power, but also his humanity.
    After that (not so long, may be) he had gotten quite a success!

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