Application: Family Responsibility, Independence, Following Your Dream, Initiative

initiative (v) the ability to decide and act on your own without waiting for somebody to tell you what to do.
(n) a new plan for dealing with a particular problem or for achieving a particular purpose.
the initiative the power or opportunity to act and gain an advantage before other people do.

pawn: (v) to leave an object with a pawnbroker in exchange for money.

A) Prepare: watch again
Using the link above watch the one-minute-forty-five second commercial again. Take notes of all the different elements, watching it several times if necessary.

B) Characters
Isam: Lets call the young artist Isam (a name that means self-made success).
Art Gallery Director
Real Estate Agent

C) Transcript dictation
Write down all the words you hear in this commercial. Hint: there are four sentences and only thirty-five words.

D) Discussion Questions
Where is Isam from: country; city?
What do you think is Isam’s first job?
Who’s the owner of the company?
Why does he leave the company?
What happens next in the story?
How does he live as an artist?
How does he get money to survive?
Why does he refuse his fathers financial help?
Can you identify with his spirit?
Do you know any young artists with such an independent spirit?
Why is it important for an artist to feel that his/her work is original?
Why is this commercial titled Family Business?

E) Culture Point: Gestures and body language

From this all male cast of characters, 1) list all of the gestures and types of body language used in these scenes. 2) Can you classify them into types?
Example: Isam and his father hug in the first scene. This is a gesture of intimacy and farewell because Isam is leaving his father’s company. What types of gestures are you accustom to if you were in this situation?

F) Storyline
1) Write a short story line using the verbs listed below with your own words.
2) In each sentence write one adjective that describes how Isam is feeling (the emotion Isam is experiencing in that moment, in that scene). To keep it simple, the subject of each sentence should be one of the following people a) Isam, b) the art director, (manager of the art gallery), or c) the real estate agent or d) the father.

quits; leases; rents; cleans; sweeps; starts; talks (with); sells; shakes; signs; sets (up); paints; builds; meets (with); looks (at); leaves; tries to give; meets greets; smiles; waves;

Isam quits his job at his fathers trading company.
Isam is feeling excited but maybe also a little worried.

G) Final Application
1) When does Isam take the initiative in this story (specifically, at least twice)?

2) The word initiative starts with the letter “i”. How many more “i”s are in the word initiative? Do you think this is significant?
3) What does it mean “But having the courage to follow your dreams is just the beginning.”?
4) Would you agree that initiative takes courage, independence, confidence, and motivation? Please comment on the importance of these four ingredients of initiative.
5) Do you think that initiative can be taught in a class?
6) How can you develop initiative for your future success? Be specific.

15 thoughts on “TAKING THE INITIATIVE / Family Business

  1. G) 
    1) The first one is at the begining. He quit his father’s company, and start to act on his own.
    I think the 2nd one is in the last painting.[When he was painting after he bought staffs in a shop.] And this is so significant initiaive.
    Before this time, he didn’t have his originarity. He have just followed and copying other artists. So he was refused by the agent. But from this time, he stopped following, and made his orginal one. He wrote without waiting somebady tell him what to do.

  2. 2] “initiative” has 4 “i”s !! wow. Does “i” has spesific meaning?
    3] I think courage is important to start to follow our dreams, but it’s not enough to achive our dream. We need something others, such as creverness…
    Yet, I think that having the courage to follow our dream is very difficult.

  3. 1) The first initiative is when he quits his father’s company and decides to live for the art. He have nothing to worry about a living if he continue to work there. But he notices that he doesn’t have his own style. So he
    The second one is when he begin to draw pictures that nobody can draw except him. He knows his background is on his country, culture and family. And he changes his way to draw.

  4. 2) More three “i” in it!!! “i” is “I”?… The person who tell can what you do is not somebody but “I”.

  5. 3) It means acting for a achivement more important than having a dream. The both of it are significant, but without acting, nothing happens.

  6. 1) First one is when he quited his hather’s company and dicided to draw a picture by only himself.I think when rich people turn to poor ones, they can’t live becouse poor is too inconvenient for them .That’s why he was initiative at that time.
    Second one is when he refused his fater’s aid. It appears his deoendence.

  7. 2)I think 4 “i”‘ is expression of confidence.
    3)I think having courage to follow our dreams is important, becouse if we dosen’t have it, we can never take action for dreams.But it is not enough.Taking action is process to realize our dreams so having courasge isn’t even process to dream.That’s why it means beginning.

  8. E)
    1) & 2)
    – putting hands front of your chest towards a person
    When Isam refused getting money from his father, he did this gesture. If I were this situation, I would do almost same thing.

    -shaking hands
    When Isam went to the gallery and contracted with the person in order to rent the place, he did this gesture.
    In a business, if something is decided, this gesture will happen.

    -tapping a shoulder
    When the father visited Isam, the father tapped him on the shoulder.
    It shows encouragement or good luck.

    This gesture showed up 2 or 3 times in this commercial. When you are impressed by something great, you would nod. If you agree with something, you would nod.
    When Isam came to the gallery after finishing his great painting, the owner nodded because he admired Isam’s painting. The owner found a value within Isam’s painting.

  9. 1. I think he has too many initiative. First, he decided to start himself and him dream, so he quit him father’s company. Then, when he wasn’t enough money he could refused him father’s money and he sold him watch. Last, he had an amazing initiative what his last paint. Also, he appreciated his culture so he wore traditional clothes for impressive people.

  10. 2. There are 4 “i” in the word initiative. I don’t think it is significant. 
    3. It means “If you have a dream you have to have a courage then it will be start. But you don’t have a courage which follow your dream your dream never be true! A courage is beginning of dream will come true” 
    4. Yes, I agree with this. Some characters or skills to come around and other people. But “initiative” cause only you. It charge your mind and rise up yourself. So initiative takes courage, independence, confidence and motivation. 

  11. Hey, I got an interesting idea! About “rejecting”.
    You know in this video, Isam made his painting, and went to agent to show his work to agent. But he was rejected by agent at once. This is “rejecting”. Then he changed something, maybe he made his own style or something new.
    In the other word, thanks to that the “rejecting”, he could get opportunity to change something.
    I think this is great lesson for us because sometimes we complain people who reject us. If someone say no to me, I think him mad. If someone treat us inpolite, we complain him. I did such complaing recently. But as this video, “rejecting”is a big opportunity to change. Of course it disappoint us. But that is why it become big energy.

    “Rejecting” is wake up call !

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