Human Resource Management 1

  1. Do you like the sports metaphor in the beginning of this commercial?
  2. Can you think of any other metaphors for HR and HRM?
  3. In the first 40 seconds of this commercial several key words are used such as recruits, improve, vacancy, search, match, talent. Make a list of ALL the key words in this commercial.
  4. Now, how would you define these words in the context of human resource management?
  5. Write a list of the tasks/jobs of HMR that are mentioned in this video?
  6. Can you think of any others?
  7. According to this commercial what are the opportunities of HRM?
  8. What does the commercial suggest you do if you are interested in this field?

4 thoughts on “Human Resource Management 1

  1. 4.I define that a person has a lot of role to make good company situation, for example in recuruiting and selecting,paying salary.
    8.To click URL . It is Monash university business course!

  2. 6. I think that Promotion(Raising a rank or position) and Raising their motivation(by giving a intensive) can be tasks of HRM.
    7. Great overseas employments are the opportunities of HRM.

  3. Leen (Q1 and Q3)
    Hi. This is Leen. Let me put my short answer for Question1 and 3 in here.

    We can see that sport team and change to overseas recruit team in the beginning of this commercial. From this short time of this scean I can easily understand what Hunman Resourse do. And simple animation also makes me to understand easily. I like this one.

    In Companies that specialist is the Human Resources Manager.
    They are kicking the action and start searching for interesting recruits. Recruit is huge part of making a great team. HR staff use their own skill and find best person for job and improve their talent.

  4. Q5: *recruit & select
    *performance advice
    *training, development and talent retention
    *monitor well-being
    *facilitate change
    *pay salary
    *resolve grievances
    Q7: overseas employment opportunities

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